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Stages of creation of interior


Make a survey, find out all your wishes about the future interior


Making the room measurement, technical analysis and obtain technical conditions from the management company


Filling the development specifications of the project and coordinate with you


Discuss the layouts, key ideas, the concept and the style of the project


Making the 3D model of the rooms, which will gives you the most accurate representation about the future interior


We select furniture, lighting, plumbing, home appliances and finishing materials, create a specification


The designer creates a complete package of working documentation for builders and subcontractors


We consider the project estimate, after coordinating the work schedule, the builders begin finishing work


The designer provides control of the project's compliance with what is obtained and fully completes the object according to the previously approved specification


The technical director monitors the technology of work and deadlines


We make the final touches and place accents, the designer selects accessories. Make photo and video from the object


Give you the keys

We will answer to all questions

We are ready to answer all the questions that you are interested in as much as possible and talk in detail about the working conditions and offer you the best options for cooperation.


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Interior design from LESH

Hello! You are on the studio LESH website. As you see, our studio develops an interior design for houses and apartments. We went through more than 100 different interiors. You can find the best examples on the page «Interiors».

After the creation of the project we ask our clients to write a feedback about our work and it helps us to become better and keep a high level of our services. Feedbacks you can find in the menu.

We share our design-projects through the social networks and also publish useful articles and video. Follow us here:

All our projects are created on the crossing of three elements.
First, it is the budget and wishes of the client, for predicting the result and to be sure about it.
Second is the experience that our studio has. We follow the trends of interior design and tell our clients about all opportunities of transformation in the interior.
Third element of the interior design is the space and the limits that the world has. Our main goal is to make comfortable and stylish space for owner.

Our main goal is to make comfortable and stylish space for owner.

Through the discussion with our studio, you receive not only the consultation about the design of your interior but also a lot of ideas and decisions for the optimization of it. You’ll be satisfied with our work and will recommend us to your friends, because the majority of our clients are already done.

What you need to prepare before you will order a project:
The main thing is the blueprint of the spacethat you need to renovate. If your apartment or house is not ready yet or you haven’t the access to it, we can develop the interior design by the indicative blueprints. Further, we will make the scaling and continue the work with the project.

Also before you order the project you need to select the interiors that you likeon the Internet. You need it for better communication with the designer about your wishes of the future interior. And of course, you need a passport for the execution of the contract.

How to choose a good studio?

  • Firstly, you need to draw attention to the sense of style and quality. Good interior in portfolio proves that the studio has a taste.
  • Secondly, the feedbacks. In our case, we ask to write links to their social networks for real connection with them if someone needs to.
  • Thirdly, we recommend you to focus on the complex of documentation and the interior which you receive in the end. A complete set of blueprints with details of the constructions is a very important thing in the renovation of the apartment. Just ask yourself: can you build the interior of your dream with the help of this blueprints? Have you got a complete list of the materials for its realization?

One of the first steps through the development of the design-project is a technical specification. It is a big list of questions about your preferences and your future interior. This list is needed to clarify all the nuances and make a design that you want. It helps to develop the design in details and what will comfortable for you.

For example, you have an art collection that you want to place in your future apartment or another thing that has value for you. Maybe you are lefty or righty? Have you got animals? All these details need to be taken into account. The developing of the interior design is just seems so easy, but actually, it needs to be focused and work hard, because we need to combine your interests with technologies.

If you doubt or thinking about ordering the project come to our office and we tell you in details about the process of interior design-project developing and scatter your doubts. Together we will make an interesting and good project.