Feedback about the design-project of the apartment in ecological style

Why did you decide to work with us? What has highlighted us against the background of others?

– 1. We like the photos of your projects 

2. The structure and clarity in steps of the project

3. Personal factor

What kind of question did you need to decide?
– Renovation of new apartment

Tell us your feedback about our service, what did you like most? What is the main value of our service?

– Beauty + plesant communication with designer

What do you like most about work with us?

– Clarity and structure

What needed to be improved?

Did you expect exactly that effect from our services?
– Even surpassed

Whom do you recommend our service? 
– The development of design project to our friends. 

Hramcova A. 

 Natural dining design with natural materials
 Large green sofa in the spacious kitchen-living room
 Kitchen island in the Scandinavian style kitchen
 Kitchen-living room in bright colors with accents on pastel green
Kitchen island of light wood with additional dining area
Spacious hall with warm wood parquet
 Soft seating area under the window with storage space.
Terracotta stool in the hall as a place for a dog
 Frame double bed in a gold frame
Light wall with additional art in the bedroom

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