Three room apartment in a modern style


 Bright interior with pistachio-colored accents and individual elements
 Combined kitchen-living room with kitchen unit
Gray light sofa in the kitchen-living room with the accent light from the reading lamp
 Dining group in the kitchen-living room for a family of three
 Art object, painting in the kitchen-living room above the dining area with a separate light
Kitchen suit in the kitchen made in black marble
 Coffee table made in the style of a modern classic with gold-plated elements
Fitted into the interior of the ventilation channel in the bedroom
Bright bedroom in modern style with a large double bed
Children's room with a compact work space and a single bed
 Large double bed in a modern bedroom
Stylish full-length mirror in the dressing room with blue pouf
Countertop sink in the shower room in gray and modern style
Bathroom in gray marble with round mirror
Hall with an interesting console and pouf for convenience

Residential complex of the project

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