Review of apartment renovation in LCD Millennium

Why did you decide to work with us?
– We ordered a design project from LESH studio, I was satisfied with the result. I decided to continue to cooperate. I ordered a repair. 

How exactly was the budget met? Was the total amount significantly different from the estimate?
– The budget has been met for sure. The total amount did not differ much from that indicated in the estimate, due to the fact that I added some items (in the appendix)

Were the deadlines accurately respected?
– The deadlines were met 100%

Did you control the work progress at the apartment? How easy was it for you to receive information on the progress of work?
– I could see photos in the application. All information received on whatsapp

What is the benefit of this service?
– You can monitor the progress of repairs remotely. I advise everyone to take in addition technical supervision.

If you had any questions how quickly and efficiently they helped you solve them?
– Questions were always resolved quickly and efficiently.

Is the result justified your expetations?
– Even surpassed

What, in your opinion, needs to be added or improved in the service?
– I liked everything

Full name: Litvinova Anna

 Bright interior with pistachio-colored accents and individual elements
 Combined kitchen-living room with kitchen unit
Gray light sofa in the kitchen-living room with the accent light from the reading lamp
 Dining group in the kitchen-living room for a family of three
 Art object, painting in the kitchen-living room above the dining area with a separate light
Kitchen suit in the kitchen made in black marble
 Coffee table made in the style of a modern classic with gold-plated elements
Fitted into the interior of the ventilation channel in the bedroom
Bright bedroom in modern style with a large double bed
Children's room with a compact work space and a single bed

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