The feedback of construction work in a modern apartment

Why did you decide to work with us? What has highlighted us against the background of others?
– Integrated service provision. Turnkey repair.

How exactly was the budget met? Was the total amount significantly different from the estimate?
– The budget was slightly exceeded, about 10%. In my opinion - acceptable. 

Were the deadlines accurately respected?
– The repair period was exceeded by one month due to errors of suppliers (3 persons / parties).

Did you control the work progress at the apartment? How easy was it for you to receive information on the progress of work? 
– Yes. Weekly photo report.

What is the benefit of this service?
– Saving personal time and nerves.

If you had any questions how quickly and efficiently they helped you solve them?
– All issues were resolved quickly. No comments.

Is the result  justified your expetations?
– Yes, the quality of work is good.

What, in your opinion, needs to be added or improved in the service?
– Better to plan ("with a margin") delivery times. 

Full name: Grigoriev A.V. 

 Large bright sofa
Wooden slats for decor
 Bench at the front door
Stone kitchen suit
Biofireplace in the living room
Combined kitchen with living room
Hanging chairs on the balcony
Flying bed in the bedroom
Transparent shower room in the bedroom
 Dressing table and mirror on the floor

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