RedSide Residential Complex

The premium class residential complex RedSide is located in the very heart of Moscow - Krasnaya Presnya district. Newer buildings blend harmoniously with the historic architecture to create a unique, sophisticated combination. The territory is filled with 8 monolithic brick multi-storey buildings of different height all with panoramic windows.

Interior design in the RedSide residential complex

There is everything here that is necessary for a comfortable life of a modern person - cafes, shops and salons are located right on the ground floor of every building. Come in touch with the world of art - theaters, а conservatory and а concert hall are all within walking distance. For children, there is a playground in the yard, as well as an English kindergarten. There is also a fitness center and a swimming pool.

The Redside Residential Complex is very spacious, which seems like a dream come true for the cramped city of Moscow. The level of security lives up to high standards - the territory is reliably protected from outsiders by a round-the-clock security complex.

Our company is engaged in exclusive interior design project development for apartments in this residential complex. The development of an arrangement plan takes 20 to 30 working days on average. Upon its completion, the specialists quickly begin construction work.

We present you the stylish interiors created by us in RedSide.

Projects made in this appartment complex

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