TOP 5 Ideas for the design of a small living room

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Today we are going to talk about how to choose the right furniture and add the details for a small living room. Using these simple rules in practice as an example, you can easily create good and organic design for your entire apartment or house.

My dear friends, you often write in the comments recurring question, so I decided to unlock the secret how to make an interesting interior in small apartments and rooms. So today I will share with you with the twists that professional interior designers use to trick the mind and make the space look bigger than it really is, thereby changing your perception.

Geometry of shapes in interior design

I want you to understand something important: good design it is not only about beautiful little buys. It is some kind of game between your space, the geometry of shapes and the proportions of those things that surround you.

Only then concepts such as color combinations and lighting are already connected here. Thus, each object will take its own place in the composition and will be responsible for how you perceive the interior as a whole, how comfortable you will feel yourself in it.

We're not going to talk about style now. We will discuss the tools and tips that will allow you to make your small apartment stylish and cozy. So, a typical living room consists of a sofa, armchair, pouf, coffee table, carpet, curtains and several items. I will give you some information on how to select each of these elements and show you specific examples.

If you have any questions after watching this video, or need professional advice on how to get a stylish living room. Please write in the comments. I will try to answer you all!

So let's get started!


The sofa

I'll start with the largest element in the space, and equally important: the sofa.

When you are choosing this one, stick to neutral colors, rely on lighter feel. Remember the basic rule: the more floor we see, the more we perceive the space. Therefore, I would recommend choosing a sofa on legs, it looks lighter and more airy, and this is exactly what we need.

How to choose a sofa in the living room

Then add color and texture in smaller chunks using decorative pillows or accessories like vases or lamps. When choosing a sofa, you should consider its shape and how its weight is perceived visually, it is not just about its actual size.

It may seem that a small sofa is very heavy and at the same time, the large one, on the contrary, seems to be very light. Keep the main rule in mind at all times: small space design is visual manipulation!

Be very attentive and careful with the proportions of the furniture. It is very important to maintain aspect ratio between your space and the shape of the sofa.

Large heavy sofa

Also, we should buy the couch on foots because it seems less heavy than the one that stands directly on the floor. This is precisely due to the fact that we see more floor. And this technique makes the room seem more spacious, more widely-open.

Remember the basics instructions before buying furniture:
1. Neutral color.
2. Clean lines.
3. Be on foots.
4. Be in proportion to the space of the room.

Sofa with clean lines


The statement armchairs

My second recommendation concerns statement armchairs.

If the space is too small, you can boldly buy soft chairs. They look like armchairs, but they have different size.

Armchair for a small living room

This is one of my favorite elements because it can be truly unique and add a twist to your room that literally transforms the entire interior.

This secret also works very well if you have a small renovation budget. It is much easier to buy a designer chair than to buy expensive decorative finishing materials and then pay for their installation.

Even at very low costs and just painted walls, without any expensive panels and plasters, such an armchair creates an accent in the interior and makes the space interesting and stylish.

When choosing such a chair, many people buy something heavy..

An armchair that is not suitable for a small apartment

in shapes, solid or dark. These variations will give the feeling of very huge one in a small room.

I would recommend using the same principles as when we are choosing a sofa. It should be light, with clean lines and proportions, with open foots on the floor space, we should not hide it. But you can play around the color depending on your own.

light chairs for living room

Transparent chairs match an indoor environment in small spaces. They look very unusual and I would even say boldly. At the same time, they are very functional and stylish. If you use transparent objects made of acrylic or glass, your eyes will see more space, your mind will think that there is an elbow-room.

Here are some examples of visually light furniture.

Glass chair to increase space


The rugs

Everything is simpler than it seems at first glance. The larger the carpet, the larger the room will be.

But at the same time, wall-to-wall rug is beside the point. I have compiled a few examples showing the correct placement of carpets and how much space they should take up. You can download the entire file from the link below in the description.

You can download the entire file from the link

Use only a light colored rug. It can help you to make the room look brighter and even more spacious.

Geometric pattern rug

This is a common technique that works with wall color, and at the same way with carpets. Choose off-white variations, preferably pastel, neutral colors. Also, buy carpets without pronounced patterns, because it can create frantic dynamics, rhythm and visually clutter up a room. The same applies to patterns on the walls, such as wallpaper or plaster panels with complex geometry, which were very popular recently.


The window shade

In a small space, we need to think vertically! This means that we need to emphasize the height or at least visually make the room look taller than it really is. And at the same time, we need to add some airiness. How to do it? Everything is simple. Choose plain curtains, in neutral light colors and shades. The another one secret – use folds. When the curtains are folded, it creates vertical lines and emphasize the height.

Curtains in the living room

And in order to give airiness, we need to kind of blur the geometry of the window, with all its clear geometric lines. It is easy to do this. Just use a light translucent tulle.

Opt for a simple and uncluttered curtain design for your small living room. All these heavy grabs, brushes and attempts to copy the palaces of the Roman emperors will not lead to anything good. On the contrary, this greatly compresses the space, makes it cheap and just screams about the insipidity of his owner.


The low table

If you have very little space, then try to pick up something from glass or acrylic, partially or completely. You need to make the illusion. Table is here, but at the same time, it seems to disappear. Its headway should also be proportional to the dimensions of the room, sofa and carpet that we already have. The low table also helps create the illusion of more space. Fits the bill.

If you do not like glass and transparent things for any reasons. For example, because of the difficulties with caring for such décor elements, then you can choose an opaque glass table.

When choosing, follow the same rule, more floor equal more space. Choose a table on foots, with curved smooth lines. The secret is that our eyes, or rather the brain, constantly calculates the length, width and height to orient the body in space, and with curved and round shapes it is more difficult to do this. So we again deceive our the brain by making the space appear larger.

Living room coffee table

Another great idea is to choose items that can carry multiple functions depending on your daily tasks.

For example, instead of a traditional coffee table, you can choose a pouf. In the evening you can put your legs on it and watch your favorite TV programs. Well, or just spend time with your family, and during the day it can serve as a table. You can keep decorative objects or books on it, use it as an additional seat if guests come to you and there is not enough space for everyone.

And now what should be or even must be in a small living room 100%, is a mirror and it should be: supersize!

In a small living room, a large mirror will allow you to use the illusion of expansion. Your room will appear larger and brighter by picking up of the light.

The best place for the mirror is in front of the window so that it reflects as much light as possible.

Now for an extra tip: let nature come in. Even a small houseplant gives a feeling of more space and freshens up the interior. Greens soften colors. If there is no room at all, then try using hanging planters.

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