One room apartment in modern style in apartment complex Diplomat

We have clients who came for the design-project of the apartment in the historical centre of St. Petersburg - a very comfortable place for an active young couple. It was decided to make the interior of the apartment in modern style with the elements of scandinavian one: here we use natural materials, fabrics, painting wallpaper and porcelain stoneware with the stone texture.

The main layout decision here became the combination of kitchen and living room and the creation of functional space for a young couple.

The layout:

The layout of the apartment in apartment complex Diplomat


The table as zoning element  

The organization of combined kitchen and living room need a special approach for maximum comfort and functional space. For example, here we decided to continue the kitchen with a dining table, that is why the table has an unusual height. Such a table called the bar table.

In this case the table has a lot of functions: first of all, it separates the kitchen zone from the living room, also it can be used as an extra space for cooking. The table top is made from the wood of dark colour, which is combined with the kitchen facades and give the status to room.


Floor convectors

The choice of planning fell on the one where the wall was demolished between the kitchen and the balcony: this increased the kitchen space, where were comfortably accommodated the TV area and the sofa.

Removal of the wall between the balcony and the room involves the transfer of radiators, most often they are installed on the wall in the room. Here it was decided to install floor convectors, which are hidden heating systems. Such convectors provide uniform heating of the air while not cluttering the space.


Track lighting

The main lighting in the apartment is provided by track lights from the Canyon collection, which is placed in ceilings without visible joints thanks to the absence of frames.

Track lightning trhrough the apartment

The main difference between such lamps is an adjustable base and the ability to adjust the position of lamps within the track. In the track system, you can install duct outputs of air conditioners and fire sensors.


Smooth facades mechanisms work

The Scandinavian style implies the minimization of all the details, so the kitchen in this project is made with smooth facades without handles. The mechanisms of such kitchen are easy in usage, but you need to get used to them because here you need to push and then open the shelf.

Such design is built into everyday life, filling it with comfort and pleasant emotions. Also? the facades are in harmony with the cabinet in the living room, which emphasizes the unity of the apartment style and the smooth transition from the kitchen.


The hanger in the hall

In the hallway, At the request of customers, an open storage system for outerwear was made in the hall. This system looks like a hanger which was custom made by ArtStyle studio in St. Petersburg.

It is a wooden panel with a pullout details, which are the hangers for the outwear and each can bear weight until 3,5 kg. The hanger is made from the dark wood and fits the overall style of the apartment.


The headboard of the bed

The scandinavian style is can be traced both in furniture and with wall decoration in the bedroom. Soft, streamlined bed shapes and built-in wardrobes without handles are characteristic of the overall style of the project.

We also want to draw your attention to the original wall at the head of the bed, made of illuminated wooden panels, the shape of which at the same time creates dynamics and can be used as a functional accessory that can be used as an evening light in the bedroom.

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