Bright apartment in modern style

A modern style of this project it is a combination of the understanding between the designer with clients and the elements which harmonically matching to each other. It was necessary to make a cosy interior for a young couple with different functional opportunities and lighting levels, also it has simple forms and neutral tints.


Modern style

Nowadays the term «modern style» has another meaning that it has, for example, in the XX century. Earlier «contemporary style» was the modern style, but today it is relevant to make the interior design in combination of different styles.

Here in this project, harmony creates a set of styles: minimalist and scandinavian. For the union of common composition which uses simple forms, straight line, smooth facades and minimalistic furniture.


Hidden eaves

Window frame decorated by the canvasses streaming straight “from the ceiling” without additional fastenings - an elegant design technique that has become particularly relevant recently in interior design. Especially it is relevant in the interior where no need for additional details, but there is a desire to hide them or make them minimalist.

It was used such a system of eaves in this project for the supporting of the common style of the apartment. The ceiling was lowered to implement this solution and also for the location of communications for the profile luminaires made by Donolux brand.

Bio-fireplace in hanging a shelf

The main decoration of the living room undoubtedly became the bio-fireplace built-in the hanging shelves under the TV. Its fire gives the cosiness to the room and creates a comfortable atmosphere.

The installation of such construction needs to think in advance about the niche in shelf and creating the construction of the fireplace simultaneously taking into account the parameters of the cabinet and the functionality of the fireplace.

Soft, functional design of the kid's room.

The kid room also designed in modern style and has its own charm thanks to furniture constructions which is made from natural materials and the carpet from the Diano collection with the big knit effect, which fills the room with soft cosiness.

One more interesting detail of the kid room in this project is the united construction of two racks, the table and rest zone which is placed along the wall near the window is custom made in furniture studio. Here the working place filled with the natural light and the features of the construction allows increasing the free area in the room.

Interesting dressing room in the bedroom

The layout of the bedroom from the developer turned out the rectangular form and gently stretched. By the wish of the clients the room was needed to make it more square, but also spacious.

This task was solved next way: there is a dressing room niche, which is separated from the room by the shutters partition made from the wood. It saves the space of the room thanks to the light that penetrates to the dressing room and because of the zoning make the bedroom more square form.

Hidden levels of the light

One of the wishes of the clients was the maximum amount of the lighted details in the rooms for the creation of the atmospheric effects in the rooms and bright light in the dark evenings. 

There was the maximum possible number of light scenarios for interior design was invented to implement this idea. Here we can see the illumination behind the TV panel, of the hidden eaves and separation of the dining zone by the lamps of Maytoni brand from the Fermi collection and soft zone allocated by the lamp of the Ideal Lux brand from the Daddy Nero collection.

The shelves in the bathroom, round custom made mirror and the wall finished by the tile Atlas Concorde from the Marvel Grey Stone collection are also lighted. The soaring effect of the bath is also made by the lights what creates the charming atmosphere in the room. The light can be separated by the different levels and highlight certain areas in the interior. 

Nowadays we watch the trend to the mixing of styles, which are in harmony with each other and fill the interior with a unique sense of a life of each family. This is the modern style, this is the interior design.



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