Design Studio LESH offer a full range of services in the development of architectural solutions and interior design from project to implementation. 

We are taking control of all questions about design project implementation from author’s supervision and work with contractors, to technical inspection of construction workers. 

Design project

  1. Layout solution
  2. 3d visualization
  3. Construction blueprints
  4. Selection of the furniture, materials, lighting
  5. List of finishing materials
  6. Specification of furniture, light, fixtures
  7. The cost estimate for construction services
  1. The designer control of the project implementation
  2. Checking of the results of remedial work with the design project
  3. Consultation of the client or representatives of the construction team on the remedial work
  4. Making the necessary adjustments to the rough drafts
  5. Logging supervision (comments on adjustments, alignment changes)
  6. Departure of the designer to the object 4 times a month
  7. Creating a photo report of the visit

Without the configuration of the project the realization of the project is impossible. One way or another, someone will have to implement it. It can be your foreman, you or the author of the project.

  1. Departure of the designer and/or the configurator with the client to shops and salons
  2. Compilation of the procurement journal
  3. Control on the purchases, reconciliation of compliance with the purchased items demined by the design project
  4. The search of suppliers for the purchase of materials, furniture and equipment
  5. Selection of analogues in case if any position is discontinued
  6. Check of availability of deadlines and the conditions of the supplies
  7. Verification and approval of the form of parts, colors, sizes
  8. Comparison and monitoring of prices for materials and equipment
  9. Consultation of the suppliers about the positions that are made under the order
  10. Interaction with suppliers (finishers, manufacturers of metal items, furniture makers, etc.): meetings, negotiations, drawing up technical tasks with corrections
  11. The organization of manufacturing of the samples
  12. Conversations with messengers for the preparation of commercial offers. Preparation of invoices for payment
  13. Assistance in concluding deals with suppliers, agreement of conditions
  14. Calculation of the necessary to purchase individual items. The recommendations about the value of the stock of materials on the object
  15. Replacing discontinued items without destruction of design
  16. The recommendations on care, operation and installation

The cost estimate does not grow in renovation process

The cost estimate for construction services are calculated under the price-list which reflects all (even hidden) works, implied by design project

The turnkey renovation with just one company is convenient:

  1. All issues are dealt with by one performer and you only accept the result.
  2. There is no unexpectable expenses and rework
  3. Monitoring the deadline, setting tasks and their implementation
  4. Technical supervision
  5. A clear schedule of work and the date of completion of the renovation, enshrined by the contract
  6. Minimal customer involvement in the process. You need just accepts the stages and fund it.

Reference design

  1. Storey plan with explication of premises and calculation  of areas;
  2. Storey plan with the arrangement of furniture,equipment and opening of doors;
  3. Building sides, colour scheme of building sides;
  4. Cross-sectional drawings indicating the marks by constructive proposals;
  5. Floor plans;
  6. Plans of the roof;
  7. 3D model of the house and landscape;
  8. The plan of territory organization (general out-lay).  

Working project

Drawing set of work documentation architectural and construction section based on client approved “Reference design” with statements and specifications, for all structural elements and materials, components, parts, and a set of working documentation of design section and for all structural elements (foundations, bearing reinforced concrete frame, floors, walls, partitions, roof covering tracks, platforms, driving). General explanatory note. 


  1. Electricity, electrical equipment;
  2. Low power networks;
  3. Heating, balanced system of ventilation;  
  4. Water and wastewater systems. 


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