Design Studio LESH offer a full range of services in the development of architectural solutions and interior design from project to implementation. 

We are taking control of all questions about design project implementation from author’s supervision and work with contractors, to searching of constructions crew and technical inspection of construction workers. 

Design project
up to 150 m2
up to 350 m2

The full design project includes all the necessary documentation for the renovation and construction works.

  1. Layout solution
  2. 3d visualization
  3. Construction blueprints
  4. Selection of the furniture, materials, lighting
  5. List of finishing materials
  6. Specification of furniture, light, fixtures
  7. The cost estimate for construction services

The project is developed strictly from the stated budget, so you will know how much the renovation will cost with furniture and materials before the start of work.

Author’s inspection
up to 150 m2
up to 300 m2

  1. The designer control of the project implementation
  2. Checking of the results of remedial work with the design project
  3. Consultation of the client or representatives of the construction team on the remedial work
  4. Making the necessary adjustments to the rough drafts
  5. Logging supervision (comments on adjustments, alignment changes)
  6. Departure of the designer to the object 4 times a month
  7. Creating a photo report of the visit

Configuration of the project
up to 150 m2
up to 300 m2

It is impossible to finish the project without configuration. One way or another, someone will have to make it. It can be your foreman, you or the author of the project.

  1. Departure of the designer and / or the configurator with the client in shops and salons
  2. Control over the procurement, verification of compliance of purchased items required by the design project
  3. Search for suppliers for the purchase of materials, furniture and equipment
  4. Selection of analogues if any position is no longer in production
  5. Availability check, terms and conditions of delivery
  6. Verification and approval of the shape of parts, colors, sizes
  7. Comparison and monitoring of prices for materials and equipment 
  8. Advising the vendors of the ordered items for the project
  9. Interaction with contractors (finishers, cabinetmakers, manufacturers of metal objects, furniture makers, etc.): meetings, negotiations, preparation of technical specifications with contractors and their adjustment
  10. Organization of sample production
  11. Negotiate with managers for the preparation of commercial proposals. Preparation of invoices for payment
  12. Assistance in transactions with suppliers, coordination of conditions
  13. Calculation of individual items required for purchase. Recommendations on the volume of materials on site
  14. Replacement of discontinued items without interrupting the design
  15. Recommendations for care, operation and installation

Remedial work
 The calculation of the estimate is provided after the date of completion of design-project    

We do not propose to count the price in the beginning, because it looks like a shot in the dark. Final price you can fully count only then your design project will be ready and all the works are clear to do - sounds logical.

What is a team? This is not just a group of people consisting of professionals, where everyone hogs the blanket. The team is a joint body, where each teammate knows about the common goal and works for its most effective achievement. In addition, everyone is aware of their role and thinks about all the other teammates of the campaign.

What is the squad list of the design Studio LESH, to win all the gold?

Designer - this is the leader of the team, author of the project, a person who sees the essence of the project as a whole. He like no other teammate cheering on the design project and ensures that the project was implemented as originally conceived.

Technical lead – right hand man of designer. A coupling agent between thought and implementation. The main task of the technical led at the object is to find a creative solution to the realization of bold ideas of the designer and convey it to the builders. In addition, the technical lead is engaged in the control of quality and technology compliance of finishing works.

Configurator is a personal manager of the client. Main functions: search and choice of contractors and suppliers of finishing materials, furniture, lighting systems, non-standard structures and equipment, plumbing, interaction with contractors and builders throughout all stages of the project, solve of disputable situations. Configurator select the optimal solution in terms of cost and quality of products.

Foreman – deputy of technical lead on the building project. In the absence of a technical lead, it is important that builders do not feel lonely. Foreman is responsible to control all the works, for that everything was done accurately and on time. Also his task - is also to eliminate interruptions in the work connected with the lack of materials and consumables.

Constructors team – front line. This guys exactly know what they need to do and what their main task. The rest of the team depends on their internal self-discipline, professionalism in their individual specifics. This helps them to work in a team and successfully implement the designer's plans.

That exactly how we approach to the implementation of our design projects. The crucial factor of the game is teamwork!

Architectural design
 House project

Reference design

  1. Storey plan with explication of premises and calculation  of areas;
  2. Storey plan with the arrangement of furniture,equipment and opening of doors;
  3. Building sides, colour scheme of building sides;
  4. Cross-sectional drawings indicating the marks by constructive proposals;
  5. Floor plans;
  6. Plans of the roof;
  7. 3D model of the house and landscape;
  8. The plan of territory organization (general out-lay).  

Working project

Drawing set of work documentation architectural and construction section based on client approved “Reference design” with statements and specifications, for all structural elements and materials, components, parts, and a set of working documentation of design section and for all structural elements (foundations, bearing reinforced concrete frame, floors, walls, partitions, roof covering tracks, platforms, driving). General explanatory note. 


  1. Electricity, electrical equipment;
  2. Low power networks;
  3. Heating, balanced system of ventilation;  
  4. Water and wastewater systems. 


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